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Things to know before buying a new home in another community

Things to consider before moving your home to another neighborhood

typical house england and walesHome convey is a great idea to experiment, but there are so many things that you should consider before buying your house. Consider, for example, you will be living in a new neighborhood, leaving the memories of your birthplace or years that you have spent with your previous neighbors, you will be surrounded by a new community, your lifestyle will change, you will not find the ‘ideal spot’ where you use to spend your free hours and so many other things that matters a lot to you. Still, people should change their way of living as maybe they will discover things that they wouldn’t able to discover otherwise.

There are things that you should know before conveying your home to a new location.

    1. You don’t need to buy a home
      A few many jobs require people to travel around the country. For travelers, will it not be a great that they rent an ideal property as they would be traveling to another city after three months or so. There are so many other reasons that property renting is the better choice than property buying.
    2. You don’t need to buy a new property
      The home you are staying is a better place to live than to go for a new home in another neighborhood. Presently you are living in a home near to your office, the neighborhood high school is one of the best in the city, your present home looks better than the one that you are interesting in buying, or all of your relatives and friends are in the neighborhood where you present home is located. You got everything why you should be moving.
    3. So many mouths so many choices
      You are indifferent about your choice of moving to whatever community that suits the best for your living. Like so many other people, you will be seeking the advice of your parents, family, and friends. This will make the matter even more complicated rather than solving it, as your head will be surrounded with so many choices that you will not be sure which one is better.
    4. Listen to your head not the heart
      It is the head that will help you in judging. Buyers renovate their houses to get a better sale price for their properties. A few buyers hide the major faults in their home that you can’t see at the very first look. As your family, kids especially may find it, a great place, but you should not listen to what other thinks about the house, you must decide it with your own vision of the house. Visit and revisit the house a couple of times and then decide if you want to buy the house or explore a new house that might be a better choice.
    5. Imagine your new life in a new neighborhood
      Visit the town, talk with neighbors around, take a tour to the community high school, tour around the neighborhood for finding other major buildings in the area. Most importantly, you should also consider the safety of your family in your new home, as if there is a police station nearby in the community, community hospital and other major services important for your living.
    6. House Survey
      Your home conveys requires a ‘full structure survey’ that only a good solicitor can provide you. The solicitor is a legal authority providing home conveying services to the hundreds of buyers in the city. It is not recommended to rely on the survey of the lender that would only be a valuation of property without looking at the major fault behind the scene. By spending some money, you will be protecting yourself from the risk of buying a faulty property that would later require spending extra money on the fault of major issues with the property.
    7. Budget calculator, rule of thumb
      Take a look on your pocket, the money you can afford to spend in the buying the property. There are a few tricks that can help you in finding how much money you can afford to buy a house.

      1. Your maximum mortgage payment
        A mortgage is the money that you got for buying a home from the mortgage companies who help people in buying new homes. A simple rule is to take into account that your mortgage money should not exceed more than 28 percent of your gross monthly income.
      2. Your maximum total housing payment
        The second rule is to consider the fact that your housing payment should not exceed 32 percent of the gross monthly income.
      3. Budget Calculator
        There are tools available online that would help you in determining the cost that you can afford in buying a property.
    8. Expert’s Advice
      You have made your mind in buying a property in an ideal community, but before buying it you should always hear the expert’s advice. Solicitors will help you in deciding what property better suits your family. They can help in finding a better purchase price, doing the legal procedure, survey services, conveying your words to the buyer or his/her solicitor, getting a mortgage from the lending companies, and finally registering the property under your name.

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How to plan funding for buying a new home in the UK

dependableconveyancingservicesEveryone wants to live in high standard residential areas where one finds a better environment, living conditions, and a better community. In addition, people will like to know if there is a high school in their community, a park for their kids, high mall for shopping and commercial buildings for easy access to their offices. Buying a home is not that easy for everyone’s pocket and you all know that home prices in the UK are very high, changes every year. Still, who wouldn’t like to live in a better neighborhood?

Most of us would like to buy an ideal residential home from our long term savings, but due to different circumstances, we won’t be able to keep our savings. Even if we manage to keep our saving and for instance, if we buy a new home in a desired location, this will turn us back to zero saving and that won’t be a better plan. Therefore, before signing a contract with the seller, people should know how they will be managed to pay for the future fund that they would pay for home renovation, new furniture and many extras.

In this article, you will learn about planning your funding for buying a home in the UK. Primarily, you should know about the status of your present funding, i.e. presents savings in the bank, monthly earnings report and a few more things as detailed below:

  1. Your credit card reports must be accurate and up-to-date
  2. Information about gathering of funds
  3. Your loan options
  4. Mortgage or no mortgage
  5. Mortgage options
  6. Interest Calculation for loans
  7. Paying back your loan

Credit Card Report

You must gather first your credit card report that you can get from your bank holders. On your request, banks will give you the up-do-date document of your credit card. An easy way to collect the credit information is available at Experian, Equifax, or Callcredit. These companies are licensed in the UK under credit reference agency providing people the summary of their credit card spending. Your money lenders will ask you the credit card report before lending funds for home buying.

Key Documents

In addition to credit card document, lenders will ask the reports of your monthly earnings, IRS file for self-employed, bank accounts, 401k funds and other assets. Monthly earning and expenditure will give you the idea that how much you spend and what extra funds that you can save each month so that you would be able to pay back the periodic debt.


Mortgage lenders will give you funds for buying an ideal home in the desired location, but you first need to know if you can manage to pay it back, and what are the different mortgages that you can opt for?

Mortgage options

There are different mortgage packages and base upon your principle funding you should pick the one that will meet your house funding and moreover if you can pay it back. There are several kinds of mortgage varies in the terms, down payments, and interest rate. In short, there is a 30-year plan, 15-year plan, fixed rate mortgage, and adjustable mortgage.

Paying back Mortgage

Different mortgage types are paid back on different terms. Some are paid on a long term fixed period 30, 15, or minimum 10 periods; but there is another kind i.e. adjustable rate loan. In this loan, the interest rate is low in the short term, but increase depending on the type of ARM (adjustable rate mortgage).


The interest rate depends on the age of the mortgage or loan. The short term fixed mortgage or loan will come with extra or prime interest; however, long term loans have a low interest rate to pay back.


Reading and getting the know-how of the document required for house funding, mortgage, its types and the interest information, you can now plan easily for buying an ideal resident in the desired neighborhood in the UK.

Solicitor’s Advice

Planning and doing everything on your own is not that easy as it seems, you need expert advice for buying a home which is a great deal and matters a lot to you. You can consult the expert advice from NBMlaw solicitors group, their team of solicitors; they are the best people in this field. For more information, visit their website

An insight of the Conveyancing process to help buyers in home moving

A detail understanding of the process of home buying

conveyancingexperthelp20140424When you decide on moving your residency to a better neighborhood that conforms to your personal interest and liking, that is the very start of the process of home buying. At the very first step, you should know if you have the amount of funds needed for buying your new home. In addition, you should know that if you move your residency to a new location, how it will affect your present life, i.e. the life of your children, parents and other family members. Now, if you understand and develop your mind for a new home buying then you can proceed to the later step i.e. hiring a legal representative.

Who is the legal representative in the home buying process?

The answer is a solicitor. He/she is the legal person who will be helping/representing for you in the further steps of home buying. So how will solicitors help in buying a new residency?

  1. Requesting a draft contract on your behalf

Once you have chosen the best individual for helping you in the conveyancing process, you will be receiving the initial document that will detail the terms of services and the cost estimation for your transaction. Your conveyancing will writer to the seller’s conveyancers for requesting a draft contract and other instructions/documents such as property title etc.

  1. Raising inquiring
    Your legal representative will read the details of draft contract and then he/she will raise initial enquiries for a better quote. These legal inquiries include

    1. Requesting a copy of planning and building regulation certificate
    2. Requesting a copy of the latest water statement
    3. Requesting the copy of Energy Performance Certificate

Home Search Services

The third and very crucial step in home buying is house survey that can be done by estate agents or your own legal representative. The better idea is to choose the latter because estate agents will only be performing the search services on a formal draft that is done in the process of every home buying without going into any details whatsoever, solicitors on the other hand will thoroughly search the house for any faults or improvements needed in the house.


Almost all of the buyers need extra funds to buy a new property and that is the stage where mortgage lenders can help you in raising finance for buying your ideal residency. Your mortgage lender will provide you a document that will detail the conditions and quote of the mortgage. Your solicitor will scan the entire document for a better mortgage quote and then you will be required to send the lender an insurance license after the contract have been exchanged.

Signing the contract

Before you sign the contract, discuss with your solicitors if everything has been done in accordance with the initial plan and you are not forgetting anything else. Once the contract is exchanged between you and the seller, you can’t break the legal agreements with the seller.

Exchange and Completions

After the contracts have been exchanged, your conveyancer will be registering your interest in the property. A time of 30 days will be given to the seller until the property will be register in your name and then you will be moving into your new home.

Making the loose ends meet

At the time the property is transfer to your name, you still will be paying the fee of stamp duty, ensuring that all the documents have been transferred or received i.e. legal document for the property purchase, and title deeds delivered to the mortgage lender.

Why not contact an experience solicitor?

An experience solicitors or a team of solicitors are the leaders in the market. Their advice will come handy for buying a great property. NBM Law group are the team of solicitors providing conveyancing services in Chelmsford City, Cambridge and Ashby-de-la-Zouch or Ashby, with their head office in Chelmsford City. You can easily contact them by logging on their online website i.e. or you can contact them by sending an email on the address

This article will help you in learning the insights of the conveyancing process, the norms, and the ideas to help the buyer in the home moving. Read how the conveyancing process for buying new home starts and what is the final stage of moving home.

How to identify the credibility of a Conveyancing Solicitor

How to check the credibility of Conveyancing Solicitor

conveyancinglawyer20150424A buyer to his mother

“Mom, I am going to buy a house in Chelmsford City.”


“Great! Where are you going to buy your home in the city?”


“I have already explored the city for some good houses ready for sale, I just need to know about the best among them, but don’t know who to contact for assisting me in my home buying.”


“Ask your friends about a good ‘Conveyancing solicitor’.”


“Ok, I will contact a few credible people to assist me in home moving.”

The buyer did able to contact few solicitors in the area, but couldn’t decide whom among them is the best not only the best but also the most credible person in the community.

In this article, I will help the buyer to help finding the most credible person to contact for buying a home.

People can’t justify others just by their look instead; they first need to know about the qualities and norms of the person of interest.

Therefore, the first thing for the buyer is to get the know-how of the home Conveyancing. You need to know not all but fewer legal terms to understand the process and its different stages. Learn what are the different stages of home buying and the legal terms involve in the process of home buying. Then you will be available to identify the quality and norms of Conveyancing solicitors.

After learning about the norms and the qualities of a best solicitor, you then scan the list of solicitors that you have already contacted in the past week. Making it your job easier I am going to outline few standards of the process of Conveyancing.

  1. Communication skills

The first quality of a great solicitor is his/her communication skills. He/she must listen to the details of your query about moving home. Understand the details of your area of interest and then outline clear costs that would be incurred in the process of home buying.

  1. Excellent Response Timing 

    Response time must be as short as possible. Whenever you inquire your solicitor about a quote or any other matter, he/she must provide you the answer to your query as quickly as possible. If there are lags in the communication, buyers will not be very happy from their legal assistants.

  2. Provide you all the costs involved in home buying

    Many solicitors in order to satisfy their clients about a certain quote hide additional charges or expenses that will incur in home buying so to keep their customers in dark. Avoid contacting such solicitors. In order to do so, you can contact their past clients about their experience regarding their home buying through the solicitor. This will give you the idea about the credibility of the solicitor
  3. Provide you the best quote for a certain home 

    Experienced solicitors provide you a better quote for the home you are interested in buying. New personal in the field need time to understand the market and the changing homes rates in a certain community.

  4. Experience counts 

    Experience solicitors understand the prices in the local market, understanding home prices in a certain neighborhood, and also understand the condition of various homes in their areas. They regularly meet buyers and sellers for inquiries against different home or maybe same home that people are interested in buying.

  5. Credible Solicitor 

    After reading the above skills and norms, now you have a document of the best solicitors in a certain neighborhood. But there are many good solicitors in the neighborhood, how will you choose the most credible among them?

Credibility is someone else’s idea of what I should be doing.”

And that idea should come from an experienced, trustworthy and reliable person. To cut the long story, a great solicitor is the one who step ahead of others to provide you better ideas for buying an ideal home in a certain neighborhood like Chelmsford City. Also, you can learn the credibility of a solicitor by contacting his ongoing clients or past clients.

  1. Testimonials 

    As discussed above, you can find the credibility of solicitors by asking advice from their past clients or reading their testimonials on their website if they got one!

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