comparing online quotes

How do I choose my conveyance firm, when comparing online quotes?

One of the most important aspects of conveyancing is finding a moderately priced company, which offers cheap conveyancing quotes.  In a big city as London, this might be a bit more difficult, considering the number of firms and the different offers they advertise. This is why we recommend comparing online quotes before you make your decision.

What you want is a website that will do the job for you: compare all the quotes, so you can choose the firm that best suits you and make your job easier and worry-free. You can ask your real estate agent or financial adviser, but if they are usually working with a certain solicitor or a specific conveyancing firm, it can mean that they get a share of the commission, which makes that particular choice better for them and not for you.

Because the quote quality is different in any single case. Based on the area, your status (freehold owner, shared property owner), the household status (freehold or leasehold) and the house’s value. We have put together a list of well-known conveyancing websites and firms for you to find the cheapest option. This will make comparing online quotes slightly easier for you.

  • The Homeowners Alliance ( offers free, individual tips and advice, a forum where you can discuss with other homeowners that might have been in your situation and can help you with new, practical information. The tools they are using will help you check the house price, find a tradesman and compare conveyancing quotes. No hidden fees, a panel of more than 150 regulated conveyancing firms, multilingual support, dedicated guide through the process and even more, the quote will follow a 3-items comparison: best price, customer rating and location. If you are a member, you can also get discounts.
  • Compare and Convey ( gives you the opportunity to deal with a solicitor, without visiting his office. They have negotiated discounted prices when using their online service, meaning that if you choose to go directly to the same solicitor, you will pay more. Moreover, if the sale, purchase and or re-mortgage does not go through, you will not pay any fees. The contracts the solicitors signed with the firm obliges them to offer high standard services and transparency at all times. It is not free but does offer the guarantee of a well-done
  • HenryHyams Solicitors in Leeds ( is one of the cheapest conveyancing firms on the market. They started with a small office in 1930 and managed to expand into a stable business that won the Yorkshire Legal Awards in 2015. You can contact them on their website and from then on, a solicitor will carefully watch your case, to be sure you are on the fastest and easiest way from A to B.
  • When You Move ( With an app for the customer to be in constant contact with the firm and an online chat service, this firm seems to make its way on England’s property market, after acquiring MovingAhead. You can check the progress of the move at any time. They are accredited by the Council for Licensed Conveyancers, and they have “no move, no fee” rule.
  • Meaby & Co ( is authorised and regulated by the Solicitor’s Regulation Authority, and they offer a range of services, from conveyancing to banking disputes. All the fees will be broken down in advance, so you will know exactly what the costs will be. You can contact them by phone or face to face, whatever suits you best.
  • Wilkins Solicitors ( This independent firm does not work with any Estate Agents, so no hidden fees on your bill. They give you a prior offer, with particular mentions that might raise the cost until the end of the process. Once you pick a solicitor, you will work only with him, which makes the situations easier, having someone on your side who knows all the details.

Most of them offer similar services such as sale & purchase, sale only, purchases only, re-mortgage or transfer of equity. With a bit of research after comparing online quotes, you can find which conveyancing firm suits your budgets and need.