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Conveyancing in Langley

Conveyancing in Langley

Langley is a village belonging to Slough area, Berkshire. It is close to London (approx 30 km), which makes commuting easier and gives people the possibility to work in London and live near, in a less urbanised area. What is Langley position on the UK housing market; the importance of Crossrail development for the conveyancing process in Langley and which are the solicitor’s duty when conveyancing in Langley.

The Crossrail, a new line built with the purpose of easing the connection between London and South East, will provide a quicker and better transport to, within and towards London. At the same time, there are other benefits when it comes to the Crossrail for home-owners: their property price will rise if close to the rail. On the other hand, the prices are already higher than two years ago, so if you are planning on moving and acquiring a property in Langley, today is better than tomorrow. The forecast predicts a rise in the prices as much as 43% (Reading area) and 39% (Slough area) until 2020 when the Crossrail should be entirely functional. Starting at the end of 2019, passengers from Langley will be able to travel to and from London without changing trains, which will influences without a doubt people decisions to move in Berkshire area.

Moreover, the cost of conveyancing in Langley will also rise at the same time with the development of the housing market and the newly stated position on the UK’s top creative hubs, with more and more job opportunities in media, advertising and so on. The solicitor duty is to give all the necessary details regarding the actual state of the housing market and if all the necessary houses searches are properly conducted. Is your house going to be affected due to its proximity to the rail line, can my life quality be major influenced by the specifics of the area (the Crossrail, people stream on your property, on a common walk path. Is the property located in a conservation area, is the house value the real high or am I paying more for it due to the future possible investments in the area related to the new railway)?

The conveyancing process respects the same rules as everywhere in the UK, though with the new improvements already announced, Langley’s solicitors’ rates will be higher than expected within a couple of years. Investing in a property in Langley is a good decision, in the long term, though it already cost you more than two years ago but less than in 2 years time.


How Staircasing is making housing easy and affordable

In the United Kingdom, everyone wants to buy a house of their own. However, it is not always possible to do so. Many things need to be considered, and the budget plays the spoiler role for most of the cases. However, if a buyer goes for shared ownership, then the process can become relatively affordable and accessible. The staircasing procedure further makes it easy for the buyer. However, what is shared ownership and what is staircasing? Here are the answers that can help you to get comfortable housing.

What is Shared Ownership?

Shared Ownership is the special housing scheme where a buyer can eventually buy portions of the house. So, if you are a buyer, you can buy 25% of the house and pay the rent for the remaining 75% to a housing association. This is one of the best options for the buyers who are lacking budget. The total amount of the purchase gets reduced, so does the deposit amount. You can pay the rent of the remaining house and own particular portion. The conveyancing and mortgage process of the shared ownership is same as the normal ownership. The shared ownership is generally provided by the housing association. However, how can you be the entire owner of the house? How is it different from the typical lease? Staircasing is the answer for all these.

What is Staricasing?

Even though you have taken a lease of some portion of the house, but you can eventually take more parts of the house. This is called Staircasing. Suppose, you have owned 25% of the house, and you have repaid the existing mortgage and arranged some money again for deposit. According to your budget, you can further increase your stake at the house. You can simply buy another 35% of the house again with the same process as earlier. So, you need to pay rent for the remaining 40% now, and you would own 60% of the house. This can be considered one staricasing. In the same way, you can own the entire 100% of the house through the staircasing process. It remains effective, easy, straightforward and affordable as well. However, the buyer must understand that only four staircasing is allowed for a house including the first purchase. So, after the first purchase, the buyer would be allowed to staircase three more times to own the entire house.

How it impacts the Mortgage?

The mortgage process of the staircasing is conventional and has no difference. The lender would visit the property and decide the mortgage amount. The conventional mortgage percentage of 80% is generally provided depending on the application for a mortgage, however. You can reapply for the mortgage once a mortgage has been closed and repaid.

The staircasing is considered one of the best policies in the UK for the housing and has helped many to own house for a long time.

solicitors in coventry area

How to find good solicitors in Coventry Area

Conveyancing is the process of transferring property from seller to the buyer. This is a process that ensures that all legal aspects of the transferring have been met. In the United Kingdom, generally, the conveyancing is carried out by the solicitor or the conveyancer. Whether, you are a seller or a buyer, the process of conveyancing must be followed to make sure that the title of the property is legally transferred.  However, to carry out the process, you must find out the right solicitors in Coventry Area.

To choose the best solicitor one must understand the basic parameters. There are many attorneys and law firms available in the region, but not everyone is the best. One must look for the experienced, expert, accredited and qualified solicitor. The past records and the feedback of the solicitors should also be taken into consideration before selecting the solicitor. You must understand the significance of the qualities in the solicitors. These qualities are very much necessary for smooth and hassle free conveyancing. Here are some of the most popular and trustworthy solicitors in Coventry area. However, it is always better to do the ground research before finalising the solicitors in Coventry area.

List of Solicitors in Coventry Area

There are some solicitors in Coventry region. There are dedicated solicitors for the conveyancing process, and there are others who can take care of the property dispute as well in case it is required. The best part of the solicitors in Coventry area is that you have got a different combination of experience, expertise, budgets and area of specialisation as well. You may need to find and carry out some research before zeroing the perfect solicitor but here are some of the popular and well-known solicitors in Coventry area.


This is one of the most trustworthy and reputed solicitor’s firms in the region. The accredited law firm has an immense amount of experience and quality solicitors. The combination of the experience and the expertise make it desired firm. There are different solicitors working with the firm that is qualified for the conveyancing and other legal purposes. You can get multiple schemes like fixed price and other cost-effective benefits as well.

Will and Probate Solicitors Coventry

This is one of the most reputed law firms in Coventry region and is known for the high value and affordable services for the legal disputes and general conveyancing process. The law firm has established and earned the reputation of a smooth process, and you can contact them for the No Conveyancing No Fee or No Win No Fee policies as well.

Challenor Gardiner Solicitors

This is also one of the trustworthy and reputed solicitors in Coventry and has been providing services for a long time. The affordable services are the major attractions of the law firm. The solicitors are qualified, experienced and expertise in their subject. If you are looking for a solicitor with an affordable budget, then this could be a right choice.

Conveyancing or Property Dispute or any other legal tussle would require solicitors, and you must ensure to go through the track record of the law firm, or solicitors must be verified.

household survey

Importance and Types of Household Survey

A real estate transaction is a very important business. No matter what you may be buying or selling, your home, a business office or a residential, there is much money riding on the success of the transaction. To carry out a successful transaction you will need to ensure that the valuation is correct. You will thus have to carry out a complete household survey of the property.

A Chartered Surveyor is needed to finalise the survey in a timely manner. If done correctly the survey could save you much money in term of repairs, and this could help you to renegotiate the terms of your offer.

An RCIS surveyor could come in handy and help you in the survey process, he/she will help you with the issue you with a survey report. You will also be able to discuss the results of the study with the independent surveyor.

Types of House Survey

There are various types of house surveys depending on a variety of factors. At this point, there are only two types that really matter to a buyer or a seller. These are a HomeBuyer Report and a Building Survey.

HomeBuyer Report

The HomeBuyer Report replaced the HomeBuyer Survey and Valuation (HSV) report in March 2010, many people do still call it the Homebuyers Survey. It is the most suitable survey for modern and conventional buildings that are in reasonably good condition. If an older property is involved, then they have to be in a reasonable state. This survey will rate the conditions of all the permanent structures found on the piece of property.

It will highlight all the problems relating to the property that could affect its value and also includes insurance rebuild and valuation costs. The surveyor will also continue giving advice pertaining to the maintenance of the property.

Building Survey

Another important household survey, this is also known as a Full Structural Survey and is the most detailed of the two. It is more thorough and is adapted to suit your specific needs. This survey also does not have a particular format as each surveyor has his/her own way of presentation. This survey can be applied to even the oldest types of properties that are dilapidated properties that need many repairs. It can be very useful for those looking to convert or renovate a piece of property as you will be able to get a clear picture of the money needed to make alterations to the piece of property.

Lender’s Survey

The lender will also have to carry out their own survey to determine if the property is worth financing. Once you have made a request for a mortgage the surveyor will be sent to the property to determine the amount to be negotiated.

Surveying is an important part of a transaction. If done well a proper survey can help you save a lot of money.